Required Documents For Funding

1. Pac ( rule of 78’s ) motor vehicle contract properly assigned to FCF. We need
the original and 1 copy.
***warranty/Gap info needed on contract ***$500 deductible for comp/coll ins.
***ANY changes/strike-throughs must be initialed and dated
***please seperate T,T, & L fees
***NO due dates after the 20th of the month***that means put due date 1st-19th
2. Proof of income-the last two most recent pay stubs-make sure it shows ytd’s & dates
as well as customer’s name. Check with us for self employeed & retired customers.
3. Proof of residence-telephone bill-it must clearly show name, address, & phone #
to customer. Check with us for other circumstances.
4. Valid Louisiana drivers license * ALL signers NO exceptions.
5. Odometer statement
6. 6 references
7. Copy of Louisiana DPS veh showing First Consumers Financial as lienholder.
8. Completed & signed FCF Agreement to Provide Insurance form. Make sure the
customer has full coverage insurance with deductibles no higher than $500.
First Consumers Financial must be listed as lienholder/loss payee.
9. Buyer’s order that matches the contract. It must balance and be signed by
seller and buyer.
10. Signed original credit application. Please be sure it is filled out properly.
11. Signed FCF privacy notice.
12. Signed GAP disclosure form.
13. Guaranty of title form. Please be sure it’s filled out and signed by dealer.
14. Warranty, GAP, Car club, tire/wheel coverage form signed by customer. DO NOT
fill out. We will complete the transaction here from the website & mail the policy/s
to customer with their payment book.
15. Passtime disclosure form properly signed and initaled by customer & dealer.
16. Passtime customer start up instruction sheet properly signed & initaled by
customer & dealer.
****LEVEL ONE deals**** POI & POR are not needed.
First Consumers Financial, LLC
14580 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge LA 70819
ph 225 272 9009
fax 225 272 9091